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National Fixtures/Results

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  • MSS Galway (Martin Mulkerrins) dft Armagh (Charly Shanks) 21-9, 21-11
  • LSS Limerick (Martina McMahon) dft Cork (Catriona Casey) 12-21, 21-19, 21-20
  • MS Clare (Tiernan Agnew) dft Kilkenny (Eoin Brennan) 21-8, 21-9
  • LMS Kildare (Leah Doyle) dft Clare (Catriona Millane) 21-12, 21-16
  • O35AS Wexford (Gavin Buggy) dft Galway (Ollie Conway) 21-17, 21-18
  • MBS Limerick (J P O’Connor) dft Laois (Ray Fogarty) 21-11, 21-5
  • EMBS Westmeath (Peter McCabe) dft Limerick (Jimmy Fanning) 17-21, 21-20, 21-3
  • LIS Armagh (Megan McCann) dft Clare (Ella Donnellan) 21-11, 21-2
  • LJBS Galway (Eimear Ní Bhiadha) dft Kilkenny (Margaret Purcell) 21-14, 21-11
  • GMBS Mayo (Johnny Coyne) won
  • Sunday 18th March

    Court 1 starts @ 10am

    • EMAS Westmeath (Robbie McCarthy Snr.) v Cork (John Herlihy)
    • JS Wexford (Galen Riordan) v Kerry (Jack O’Shea)
    • U21S Monaghan (Gavin Coyle) v Cork (David Walsh)
    • MAS Antrim (Sean Devine) v Kerry (Dominick Lynch)
    • IS Offaly (David Hope) v Cork (Michael Hedigan)

    Court 2 starts @ 10am

    • JBS Antrim (Mark Rainey) v Waterford (Kavan O’Keefe)
    • O35BS Antrim (Con Collins) v Clare (Pat Nolan)
    • SMAS Wexford (Tommy Hynes) v Clare (Fergal Coughlan)
    • DMAS Wexford (Michael Rossiter) v Tipperary (Billy Mullins)
    • O70S Wexford (Ned Buggy) v Tipperary (Jim Ryan)

    Court 3 starts @ 10am

    • DMBS Down (Brian Havern) v Sligo (Michael Murphy)
    • SMBS Kildare (PJ McGrath) v Limerick (Pat Murphy)
    • GMAS Tyrone (Niall Kerr) v Limerick (Tomas Donegan)
    • RMS Carlow (John Rossiter) v Mayo (Martin Cronin)


Connacht v Munster

MS ​Clare (Tiernan Agnew) dft Galway (Peter O’Donohue) 15-21, 21-19, 21-8
U21S​ Cork (David Walsh) dft Mayo (Patrick Murphy) 21-17, 14-21, 21-8
JBS​ Waterford (Kavan O’Keefe) dft Leitrim (Jarlath Scollan) 21-5, 21-18
JS ​Kerry (Jack O’Shea) dft Roscommon (Denis Creaton) 21-6, 21-15
IS Cork (Michael Hedigan) dft Mayo (Ian McLoughlin) 21-11, 21-12
O35AS ​Galway (Ollie Conway) dft Cork (Tim Breen) 21-14, 21-5
O35BS​Clare (Pat Nolan) dft Mayo (Eamon Higgins) 21-6, 21-10
MAS ​Kerry (Dominick Lynch) dft Mayo (Vinny Moran) 21-10, 21-13​
MBS ​Limerick (J P O’Connor) dft Galway (Kieran Hanley) 21-1, 21-15
SMAS​ Clare (Fergal Coughlan) dft Mayo (Joe Dowling) 21-13, 21-18
SMBS ​Limerick (Pat Murphy) dft Mayo (Aidan McNulty) 21-15, 21-14
GMAS ​Limerick (Tomas Donegan) dft Mayo (Tom Sweeney) 21-19, 12-4 ret. inj.
GMBS Mayo (Johnny Coyne) dft Limerick (John Ryan) 21-19, 21-14
EMAS ​Cork (John Herlihy) W/O Galway (Jimmy Connaughton) inj.
EMBS ​Limerick (Jimmy Fanning) dft Galway (Brendan McNeela) 21-12, 21-8
DMAS​Tipperary (Billy Mullins) dft Mayo (Kevin Geraghty) 21-7, 21-10
DMBS ​Sligo (Michael Murphy) dft Limerick (Stephen McInerney) 21-16, 21-18
RMS ​Mayo (Martin Cronin) dft Tipperary (Paddy Collins) 21-5, 21-20
O70S ​Tipperary (Jim Ryan) dft Galway (Morgan Darcy) 21-10, 21-14

LMS​Clare (Catriona Millane) dft Galway (Niamh Heffernan) 21-13, 18-21, 21-10
LJBS ​Galway (Eimear Ní Bhiadha) dft Cork (Aoife Hurley) 21-5, 21-5
LJS ​Tipperary (Sinead Meagher) dft Roscommon (Siobhan Tully) 21-6, 21-4

Bye to All-Ireland Finals Weekend
LIS​Clare (Ella Donnellan)

Ulster v Leinster

MS ​Kilkenny (Eoin Brennan) dft Tyrone (Cormac Munroe) 21-6, 21-8
U21S​Monaghan (Gavin Coyle) dft Kilkenny (Shane Dunne) 21-12, 21-19
JBS ​Antrim (Mark Rainey) dft Kildare (Myles Carroll) 21-12, 21-4
JS​Wexford (Gaelon Riordan) dft Antrim (Jordan O’Neill) 21-14, 21-2
IS ​Offaly (David Hope) dft Tyrone (Ryan Mullan) 21-6, 21-5
O35AS Wexford (Gavin Buggy) dft Tyrone (Shane O’Neill) 21-20, 21-4
O35BS ​Antrim (Con Collins) dft Wexford (David Stanners) 21-13, 21-8
MAS​Antrim (Sean Devine) W/O Carlow (Ollie Ryan) inj.
MBS ​Laois (Ray Fogarty) dft Down (Tony O’Connor) 21-11, 21-6
SMAS ​Wexford (Tommy Hynes) dft Monaghan (Michael Clerkin) 21-6, 21-6
SMBS​Kildare (PJ McGrath) dft Tyrone (Chris Curran) 21-16, 21-8
GMAS​Tyrone (Niall Kerr) dft Dublin (Egin Jensen) 21-15, 18-21, 21-16
GMBS ​Westmeath (Mike Naughton) dft Antrim (Sean McGurn) 18-21, 21-18, 21-9
EMAS Westmeath (Robbie McCarthy Snr.) W/O Antrim (Thomas Maguire) scr.
EMBS ​Westmeath (Peter McCabe) dft Monaghan (John Treanor) 21-15, 21-11
DMAS ​Wexford (Michael Rossiter) dft Monaghan (Martin McEntee) 16-21, 21-11, 21-10
DMBS​Down (Brian Havern) dft Wexford (Tom Byrne) 21-18, 18-21, 21-3
RMS​Carlow (John Rossiter) dft Tyrone (John McCullagh) 21-13, 21-8
O70S ​Wexford (Ned Buggy) dft Antrim (Seamus Graham) 21-13, 21-6

LMS ​Kildare (Leah Doyle) dft Tyrone (Caitlin Conway) 21-6, 21-18
LJBS​Kilkenny (Margaret Purcell) dft Tyrone (Claire Conway) 21-5, 21-7
LIS ​Armagh (Megan McCann) dft Laois (Niamh Dunne) 21-5, 21-12

Bye to All-Ireland Finals Weekend
LJS​Dublin or Kilkenny

Girls U16S Champion - Fiona Tully with Handball President Willie Roache